Zezling! Together - Zeza Miranda by Joana Sobral

This soft sculpture is part of a special doll edition we're launching this year:

Zezling! Together - Collaborative Project Special Edition Zés Dolls
Zezling! joined very talented guests to imagine unique and special Zés. 
Zeling! together is a collaborative project between the brand and various personalities from different professional backgrounds (from art to sciences) with one goal: to design and manufacture unique and special Zés character dolls. 
We're Zezling! together! :)

This one of a kind Zé doll was designed by graphic designer Joana Sobral (https://www.behance.net/joanasobral) and was carefully handcrafted at Zezling!
It is unique and unrepeatable.

Zeza Miranda is inspired on portuguese brazilian singer Carmen Miranda(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carmen_Miranda)

She wears a fruit headdress composed by a large pineapple, a watermelon slice, a banana, and an orange slice. Her outfit is completed with a fruit bikini top with an apple and a pear adornment and a bikini bottom adorned with grapes.

All the costume has a red and white dots cloth base. She has long legs and even more long arms. Has a soft touch.This doll is not a toy, she's a beautiful piece of textile art and a bright decoration cloth doll.

Zeza Miranda can be adopted here > https://www.etsy.com/listing/199965255/fruit-headdress-art-doll-zeza-miranda

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